Perks of AWS GameTech

We all love hyper-casual games, what about developing your game on easy mode?

Elastic Solutions
Perform immediate actions and deployments for your games! Don’t let abrupt traffic interrupt you from delivering great user experience. From a single player to a million players, AWS elastic computing solutions allow you to scale your server capacity to meet player demand.
Cost Opportunities
While using the AWS services, you only pay for the computing you use. You can reduce your costs up to 70% thanks to AWS’ broad payment models so you can focus and reinvest your savings back into your games.
Low Latency
Host your game servers where your main audience is. AWS Global infrastructure span across 30 Regions and 96 Availability Zones. Providing a jitter and lag-free experience for your players lowers player frustration which in turn increases player retention.

Features of AWS GameTech

Developing your game on the cloud is the new meta now! Let us guide you through your journey on cloud, contact us with no hesitation!

Cloud Game Development

According to surveys, developers wished for more flexibility over where and how they develop their game. Game development teams need scalable pipelines to build, test, and publish their games. Cloud game development solutions help game developers with migrating their workloads to the cloud and establish a hybrid workforce.

Infinite Scalability

With the exponential growth of video game industry, being capable of scaling your game is a crucial technical issue to manage. Studios can launch a game once, which makes it even more challenging to handle.

Amazon GameLift: Managed game server hosting solution that deploys, operates and scales dedicated game servers hosted in the cloud or on-premises. Amazon GameLift help developers with efficiently managing highly variable global game traffic.

Amazon CloudFront: Updates are essential to continuously improve and push new content for your game. Amazon CloudFront is a low-latency content delivery network for caching your static content such as game downloads, updates, mods, or in-game advertisement. Thanks to Edge Locations, it can deliver your cached content faster which allows your players to update their game without frustration and keep on gaming!

Managed Services

Serverless Solutions allow you to focus on your video game development instead of wasting time with infrastructure management. Leverage the benefits of managed services such as Amazon GameLift, a managed dedicated game server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales cloud servers for multiplayer games. Eliminate infrastructural management workloads and reinvest your time to innovate game mechanics.

Automated Solutions

Our AI friends lend you a helping hand with creating a more secure, positive in-game universe in which players can spend more time in. Considering the massive playerbase and the rising popularity of metaverse, web3, blockchain and MMO games, machine learning models improve developers and players experiences.

Implement New Content: You can create NPCs with fully customizable voices with Amazon Polly. This gives your characters personalities and makes them memorable. You can also train an ML model to create level or character designs for your game. Your trained ML model will improve your game development time considerably and you can

Anti-Cheat: Stop rampant cheating in your games with AI & ML services that analyze player behaviour and improve player experience. Detecting cheaters quickly keeps your playerbase more engaged instead of wanting to stop playing because of the unfair advantages players with cheats have.

Positive Environment: Create a safe playground for your users with solutions that block toxic messages and hate-speech. If your community is welcoming and helping towards new players, it increases the chances of that player becoming a

Player Based Matching: Analyze player behaviour and match them with appropriate difficulty levels. Instead of getting frustrated in a level and quitting the game, player can keep enjoying the game as the levels are going to be matched according to their skill level. You can also analyze what type of content is popular in your player base which allows you to improve your in-game sales!

AWS GameTech Solutions

Amazon GameLift: Game servers need to scale with unpredictable and fluctuating player counts. For keeping your players frustration-free and engaged, your servers need to be close to your main audience for reduced latency and improving their gameplay experience.

Amazon GameLift eliminates the work needed to host your own game servers such as buying and setting up hardware, management, security, storage, and monitoring. Amazon GameLift’s auto-scaling abilities offer further defence from having to pay for more resources than you need, while assisting players finding and joining games with minimal waiting.

Thanks to AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon GameLift allows you to host your games with low-latency and low-jitter that scales with fluctuating player count. GameLift also allows your games to have Cross-Platform Matchmaking.

Amazon GameLift Anywhere: Decouple your game session management and compute resources. GameLift Anywhere Fleet enables your on-premises resources to be a GameLift Managed server.