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Besides of public cloud providers, LimonCloud has the services in local data center in Turkey. One of the data centers is in Ankara KKB including Tier 4 feature whereas the other data center is placed in Istanbul Telecom Italia Sparkle Telecommunication building having Tier 3 feature.

LimonDC has provided its services with the organizations which want to save their data in the local environment in Turkey and also has helped the organizations with the implementation of their cloud operating models in the local cloud ecosystem.

Value Services


Your data is safe. Our priority is physical, system and networking and data security in the services that we provide through our data center in Turkey. Firewall and basic DDoS attach protection systems is ready to work with your servers in secure. You can reach high availability and high performance in LimonDC. Your data keeping in the safe environment is secure with us.

High Performance

We have an infrastructure with SSD disks. All of the disk units using in our cloud systems consists of the environments with high writing and reading speeds. Since our infrastructure is supported by the high speed internet connection, the communication between the servers are strong enough. That is why, the servers work with high performance.


You can scale your servers in the period from the installation of your project to its development. According to your needs and preferences, RAM, CPU and Disks can be switchable and changeable.


LimonCloud Account Management Team can provide cost optimization service for the current consumption on AWS. Cost optimization focuses on strategic spending and reductions on AWS consumption in order to provide correct cost management.

Fast Installation

Your server is ready immediately! You can quickly make your servers up and running with Windows and Linux operating systems. You can implement your project by activating services such as cPanel, Plesk Panel and MSSQL that you want to work on the servers.

High Availability

Due to the Tier 3 and Tier 4 level data centers that we have, the servers are hosted in the high standards in Turkey. In these data centers, we offer a continuous 7/24 service including additional energy, cooling system and service providers.

What Our Customers Say 👋

LimonHost completely meets our needs on both cloud server and Office365, and immediately solves our issues. LimonHost proficient Team serves optimized solutions within our business needs in the term which cloud services start to be in our professional lives day by day. For the years, we have service by the LimonHost Team without any problem.

Onur Badur | Reibel

Our collaboration with LimonHost is based on the past years. The innovative and valuable service on the cloud infrastructure supplied by LimonHost provide important contribution to our business, as BIMSER, and our customers. From determination of business needs to the setting up of the systems and applications, they proceed all the process with supportive advisor. They were here whenever we need technical support. We are very glad with LimonHost’s solution based approach and collaboration.

Bimser Muhsin Bayramoğlu | CIO, CTO

We have Windows hosting and back up services from LimonHost for many years. Due to LimonHost’s technical support, fast and solution based feedback, we are happy to work with them.

Perrigo Gökhan Güner | Procurement Specialist