Executive Summary

Design Research is an research and consulting company and its employees are working remotely and temporary when the projects are seasonal in a short-time periods. Instead of investing on hardware, they want to provide its employees digital workplace which is much more cost-optimized solution rather than purchasing a server on their local place. So that they needed to have virtual desktop infrastructure to proceed their projects online and to be able to work remotely, and also share the files with one another. In this case, this article includes how the businesses save time, money, and capital expenses by using cloud infrastructure.

Customer Challenge

Due to the customer business, it has seasonal works with temporary consultants. Hiring temporary workers for the short-term projects create Design Research a need for new investments on hardware and software. But if they buy a server for a single short-time project, their investment would be for current need, not in long term. Additionally, when the project is over, these consultant might not also working with Design Research, any more.

On the other hand, the consultants should access online the documents working on and share with the Project Manager easily to control the documents and determine the tasks for the each consultants. They could not reach the documents out anywhere due to working on the documents offline. With the local resources, it is hard to provide remote access and restrict the user policies on the documents for the Project Manager.

Lastly, Design Research employees store the project files on their local system and sometimes on their personal workplaces, and it causes the lack of confidentiality and policy. The Project Manager would like to give policies to the employees on which files need to be seen, edited and shared. So that there is always a possibility to be hacked or stolen the data, and they might lose their computer with the all data of the projects. Last but not least, the consultants should not be able to copy and paste the data on the documents working on. The Project Manager needs to give them an access to the related files and documents on related project.

About Design Research

Design Research is a boutique, reliable, innovative and flexible research agency based in İstanbul, Turkey. It is a highly-experienced research consulting company based on 20 years of experience.

It offers a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research services and support to multinational clients from a diverse range of industries.

Partner solution

As LimonCloud collects the requests from the customer in the first meeting and is able to design a technical architecture, Design Research is in need of secure, scale and cost-optimized cloud technology in a sharable environment which is a digital workplace within the short-term project requirements.

In order to prevent investment on the hardware, the cloud technology would provide them an on demand payment method which they only pay for what they use on digital workplace. Besides, they might use different types of machine on Amazon WorkSpaces and optimize the cost with auto-stop features in each individual user. With that feature, they would be able to save money for the time which they do not work on their digital workplaces.

Amazon WorkDocs ensures a secure and high available infrastructure in order to share and edit the files within their policies. The Project Manager also would like to give read only access to the consultant on some files for confidentiality and preventing copy and save the data on their local computers. That is why, cloud technologies provide an opportunity with prevention of losing data by saving the files on AWS.

Last but not least, Design Research has needed Active Directory service connected with AWS Managed VPC. LimonCloud has planned to set up an AD Connector and Amazon WorkSpaces on the public subnets via Amazon WorkDocs. In all the setup period, Design Research and LimonCloud have been worked together to ensure all the requirements for their project.

What LimonCloud Proposed
Results and Benefits

LimonCloud has been collaborate with Design Research by providing all the technical knowledge and needed AWS services. In this digital transformation period, Design Research has been had agile, reliable and high available technical infrastructure on AWS.

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