LimonCloud offers digital workplace solution to its customers with cloud native technology of AWS. LimonCloud provides high-level end-user cloud computing services with Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon AppStream 2.0. AWS end-user computing services are fully managed, reliable, elastic and scale digital workplace solutions. With these services, your employees can easily and safely work anywhere and anytime.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces, is a secure and managed desktop cloud solution. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can easily access your applications, documents and desktop resources in anywhere all around the world. All the data is transferred encrypted, any of data is not stored on the local computer. You can access Amazon Workspaces via Windows and Mac computers, iPad and Android tablets, and also Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Access Everywhere

You can provide your company employees with the access which they reach the data and business applications from all around the world.

Lower Expenses

You can start with Amazon WorkSpaces without any infrastructure investment, with on-demand payment method. You do not have to renew the computer of the users who need more resources like RAM and CPU. You can suddenly expand Amazon WorkSpaces based on user needing more capacity.

Your Data in safe

All data is transmitted encrypted by Amazon WorkSpaces without any need of separate VPN software. On the local computer, any data is not stored. Your sensitive data is saved in an encrypted format.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream is a full managed service on AWS. It has a simple application management with multiple virtual machine types. Because of its GPU optimized virtual machines structure, Amazon AppStream 2.0 provides graphics based instance families with for ideal delivering applications.

Access Everywhere

You can reach your workforce everywhere, remotely. You can also take advantage of accessibility to the applications from any location in any time. High availability and performance features of Amazon AppStream 2.0 makes your business online in any place and location.

Cost Optimization

You pay on-demand due to the elasticity of the cloud ecosystem according to a range of compute, memory and storage options. Without no upfront payment and no long-term commitment, you use Amazon AppStream 2.0 easily within the business needs.

Personal Interface

Since it has single user interface, each AppStream 2.0 is a personal solution for specific users. You could work on more than one application at the same time and change the screens very easily. The local applications and remote applications installed from AppStream 2.0 could be merged on the local machine.

Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs is an Amazon Web Services’ service that provides you with securely access to your files wherever you are. You can also easily create a content and securely share this with your colleagues.

Access Everywhere

You can securely store you files in Amazon cloud infrastructure whereas access the files everywhere you wish. You can share the files with people outside of your company by creating invitations.

Access via Smart Devices

You can reach your files not only via your personel computer but also via you smart phones and web browsers. You can download WorkDocs mobile application through Apple Store and Android Play Store.


The files saving on Amazon WorkDocs are stored on the largest global cloud provider of the world. By this way, your data is not be lost in the cases such as virus or distractions which may occur to your computer. Amazon WorkDocs is compatible with the most improved security standards such as ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
Work Anywhere on your Digital Workplace

Your employees will work anywhere and anytime whereas they are remote or work on field areas of the projects. LimonCloud offers end-user computing on AWS environment which is one of the global providers.

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Cost Optimization on AWS End-User Computing Service

LimonCloud is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and provides many solutions to its customers. One of the solutions serving on AWS is end-user computing which the employees of the companies enable to work remote and easily anywhere and anytime.

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Lifecycle Automation on AWS End-User Computing Service

AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner LimonCloud enable to serve many solutions to its customers in order to make the business qualified and optimized by working on cloud technologies. One of the solutions serving on AWS is digital workplace solution which the employees of the companies are able to work remote and easily anywhere and anytime.

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What Our Customers Say 👋

As Octovan team, we are using AWS infrastructure for 1 year. with a startup credit. Together with Limon Cloud, we did a serious optimization work for the AWS side before the end of the startup credit. With this work, we were able to create the fastest and most reliable system with minimum costs. In this regard, I would like to thank Limon Cloud company very much. In this regard, we recommend Limon Cloud to all startups that we met before using AWS.

ERHAN GÜNEŞ Co-Founder | Chief Business Development Officer at Octovan

They have a great experience. They solved all our problems quickly and recommend optimal solution. And they provided a great architecture. Now we are able to developing software without effort server side.

HAKAN DEĞİRMEN Software Developer @Virasoft

LimonCloud team has been supporting us sincerely from day one. They add value to us by trying to understand our team and our projects.

EMRE OLGUN Co-Founder at Devatek Bilgi Tekonolojileri