Executive Summary

FarmasiX's websites had a disorganized and complex structure with an architecture and infrastructure unsuitable for business environments. This complex infrastructure was causing the applications to run in an unstable manner. FarmasiX decided to embark on a migration journey to AWS Cloud in collaboration with LimonCloud. During the migration process, LimonCloud carefully analyzed FarmasiX's needs and requirements, providing a suitable AWS Cloud infrastructure. LimonCloud was responsible for the infrastructure in this project, while FarmasiX managed the software and code development processes themselves. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of migrating the infrastructure to AWS and how solutions were found for the challenges.

About FarmasiX

FarmasiX was established as an affiliate of Farmasi Cosmetics with the aim of delivering cutting-edge e-commerce and direct selling platforms. Farmasi Cosmetics is a brand that can touch the lives and dreams of everyone with its healthy and high-quality extensive product portfolio and lucrative business opportunity. Developed with inspiration from people's dreams, especially women, the products and lucrative business model offer a unique opportunity for individuals to discover their own potential and beauty. With a rich variety of products, Farmasi continuously expands its product range to provide solutions to consumer needs in makeup, skincare, hair care, personal care, perfume, dietary supplements, and household cleaning products.

Problem Statement

FarmasiX, a web service operating in multiple countries, had a complex and disorganized infrastructure. Some websites had a monolithic architecture, while others operated in a dockerized environment. This diversity led to various challenges, especially in terms of CI/CD processes, and posed difficulties in scaling the complex web structures to handle incoming traffic. In order to find a solution to these issues, FarmasiX reached out to LimonCloud to analyze its infrastructure and propose an architectural solution for managing high customer traffic. After a series of analyses, LimonCloud concluded that the complex structure using for the websites is in struggle to handle high traffic. That is why LimonCloud recommended complete transition to microservice architecture. In order to serve static objects with low latency, global content delivery network is also recommended by LimonCloud. Based on the assessment of the existing infrastructure and FarmasiX's KPIs, LimonCloud combined its expertise in AWS best practices, outlining microservices architecture diagrams and proposing a cost-optimized and modernized architecture.

Migration Practice of FarmasiX

• LimonCloud determined that refactor and rehost migration strategies are the most suitable choices for FarmasiX after the assessment and collect the KPIs.
• Transition to microservice architecture was planned after LimonCloud conducted a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA).
• According to milestones and planned calendar, LimonCloud successfully migrated FarmasiX's websites to AWS from another global hyper scale platform. In the migration period, the current technologies made them compatible with Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and Elastic Container Service (ECS) by dockorizing. This modernization significantly increased the flexibility and resilience of all FarmasiX websites.
• FarmasiX wanted to avoid dealing with server management for the infrastructure of its websites and opted for a serverless solution. AWS Fargate proved to be an ideal choice as it eliminated the need to plan and manage a container service running on Amazon EC2. Additionally, it provided cost optimization compared to a container service running on the EC2 service.
• FarmasiX has opted to use AWS Backup in the event of any disaster scenario. This enables them to swiftly recover in case of issues with virtual servers or databases, ensuring a quick restoration process.
• FarmasiX chose to integrate with AWS Fargate using AWS Application Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Group. In this choice, both an external load balancer and an internal load balancer were utilized. The internal load balancer enables secure scaling of the application within internal networks, reducing security risks by isolating applications from external access. The external load balancer ensures that the application is accessible to general internet traffic. Additionally, it facilitates integration with Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Application Firewall (WAF), enhancing overall security measures.
• FarmasiX utilized Amazon CloudWatch to analyze data flows and performance metrics in web applications. This enabled them to gain a more detailed understanding of the traffic on their websites, effectively measuring the usage of each service.

Results and Benefits

LimonCloud successfully managed the migration process for FarmasiX, taking into account their requests and requirements, and provided the necessary services within the AWS ecosystem. During the migration and modernization process, according to milestones and time planning, LimonCloud and FarmasiX teams collaborate with one another for a seamless migration and improve the infrastructure of the websites immediately.

• A Flexible Infrastructure: FarmasiX aimed to efficiently handle sudden spikes in traffic, especially during promotional campaigns on its websites. LimonCloud, operating within the AWS environment, played a crucial role in ensuring the scalability needed to cope with high traffic loads.
• Business Continuity: With critical applications at stake, FarmasiX prioritized maintaining uninterrupted functionality in the face of any unforeseen catastrophe. The selected solutions and strategies in the AWS environment ensure the continuous operation of essential services, safeguarding FarmasiX against potential disruptions
• Maintaining the infrastructure in AWS best practices: Operating multiple applications across various countries, FarmasiX sought a centralized approach to configure settings for its web platforms.

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