Executive Summary

Karnaval Medya encountered a series of challenges that necessitated a strategic solution. Facing the high costs of on-premises infrastructure, they sought a cost-effective and flexible alternative. Security concerns led to the explicit request for an isolated AWS environment, with access limited to a VPN instance for heightened protection. As providers of online radio, music, and podcast content, Karnaval Medya prioritized minimal downtime in their web applications, emphasizing the need for a solution that could seamlessly migrate to AWS Cloud. Recognizing the intricacies of this transition, they enlisted technical support from LimonCloud, underscoring the importance of expertise in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted migration process.

About Karnaval Medya

Karnaval Medya Group which has Turkey's most listened radio stations as Süper FM, Metro FM, JoyTurk, Joy FM and Virgin Radio Turkey, incorporates more than 30 digital radio stations addressing various music tastes such as Borusan Klasik, Efkar, Joy Akustik, RetroTurk and Radio Mydonose.

Karnaval, as being Turkey's largest radio platform and among the world's most listened digital radio outlets by Triton Digital Webcast Metrics, offers uninterrupted live radio experience with countless playlists and Turkey's most listened podcasts in one place. Reaching 10 million individual listeners per month Karnaval continues to be a pioneer in entertainment and music.

Problem Statement

• Karnaval Medya was in need of a highly available and scalable infrastructure. The cost of running on-premises was way too costly for Karnaval Medya to invest in so they required a solution that was cost effective, flexible.
• Karnaval Medya specifically requested that their servers to be set up in an isolated AWS environment. For security reasons, they did not want to give access to any port and wanted to access these EC2s through connecting to a VPN instance.
• Since Karnaval Medya delivers their online radio, music and podcast contents from web applications located in EC2 machines, the solution had to minimize downtime in their web applications.
• Karnaval Medya wanted a smooth and uninterrupted migration to AWS Cloud. For this challenge, they wanted to get technical support from LimonCloud.

Migration Practice for Karnaval

• Amazon EC2 is a cloud-computing platform provided by Amazon Web Services. It offers a wide variety of instance types geared towards specific needs of customer’s workloads. After technical review, LimonCloud decided to use “general purpose” instance type for Amazon RDS for MySQL as it matched Karnaval Medya’s business needs perfectly.
• LimonCloud have deployed EC2 instances with “compute optimized” instance type configuration for Karnaval Medya’s applications. Karnaval Medya’s AWS environment project entered production on December 2023. LimonCloud is also using health check function of Amazon CloudWatch. Instance state metrics are used to check whether the instance is running, hibernating, stopping, or terminating. If one of the EC2’s start having problems, ALB that LimonCloud has deployed redirects the traffic to the other EC2 instances after the health check.
• Karnaval Medya is benefiting from the 1-Year Reserved Instances purchasing model for their instances. With flexible and cost-effective payment model, Karnaval Medya was satisfied not only by the performance of the instances, but also cost optimization possibilities of Amazon EC2.
• To meet Karnaval Medya’s security requirements, LimonCloud have deployed the EC2 instances in a private subnet. Karnaval Medya is using a third-party VPN solution to access these instances when they need to update or upgrade their web applications.

Results and Benefits

Within the needs and requests of Karnaval Medya, LimonCloud has managed the process in technical side and provided the needed services in AWS ecosystem. Karnaval Medya is satisfied with the high performance of the AWS end-user computing service.

• Lower IT costs thanks to pay-as-you go payment model provided by Amazon EC2. This also allowed Karnaval Medya to focus on their business, instead of managing their infrastructure.
• As a result of using ALB and Amazon CloudWatch services, their downtimes were shortened. Since they could deliver educational content consistently, it massively helped Karnaval Medya’s business continuity and improved their customer satisfaction scores.
• Placing EC2 instances in the private subnets and allowing Karnaval Medya to access these servers via VPN considerably increased security of their environment.

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