Executive Summary

Panel Kırtasiye needs high availability and performance on their e-commerce platform. Since their website traffic increases seasonally, their website and infrastructure must be high scale. Additionally, the latency and downtime are also important to manage on their environment. Their sales and success criteria depends on the service quality relating to infrastructure. At this point, LimonCloud and Panel Kırtasiye met to work together and improve their infrastructure.

About Panel Kırtasiye

Panel Kırtasiye was established in 2001, in order to sell book, pencil, stationary products, toys, and music products through their e-commerce platform to the students. The stationary products using at the school are provided by Panel Kırtasiye to the most of the private education and governmental schools in Turkey. When Fatih Atalar, Founder of Panel Kırtasiye, mets with AWS and its Partner LimonCloud, as customer, they were willing to adapt their business on cloud ecosystem and open to innovative cloud solutions, especially for cost saving.

Problem Statement

Panel Kırtasiye was not been able to work their loads in the high available, agile and scale environment without AWS services. The latency of their websites was too high and it was affecting their sales and business quality.

Amazon S3 Solution for Storage of Panel Kırtasiye

Instead of having physical products for on-premise usage, the customer has a vision to apply PoC process before they start to work with AWS and LimonCloud. The AWS Partner LimonCloud provided them Immersion Day to tell AWS Solutions that they would need to set up on their infrastructure and create an environment for PoC.

Panel Kırtasiye uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to work its web servers, mobile websites, and business application, Amazon Simple Storage Services for secure, durable and scalable object storage infrastructure. LimonCloud also recommended apply AWS Web Application Firewall service in order to maintain security and safety on the workloads.

Last but not least, the infrastructure of Panel Kırtasiye became agile and elastic when they migrate their workloads from local data center to Amazon Web Services. Panel Kırtasiye currently reaches globally their data in minutes with high availability and performance. By these innovative solutions on AWS, Panel Kırtasiye decreased operational expense and increased their capital expenses. The Founder Mr. Atalar is happy with that flexible and reliable outcome of AWS Services using and now familiar on cloud adaptation on their new projects when they need.


With the correct architecture and products on the cloud, Panel Kırtasite says goodbye to latency and downtime problems. Their structure becomes more elastic and successful due to this migration. In the further projects, they will keep going to take advantage of the global cloud infrastructure and to save time and money. As much as, they facilitate AWS Managed Services for their environment on AWS encouraged by LimonCloud, they do not need maintain their AWS services. Due to the fact that LimonCloud provides Panel Kırtasiye with the monitoring and maintenance service, Panel Kırtasiye could focus on their core business and how to enhance their business much more.

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