Executive Summary

As an AWS Advanced Tier partner specializing in migration, DevOps, application modernization, and consultancy, LimonCloud’s mission is to assist organizations in optimizing their cloud infrastructure for better performance, scalability, and cost efficiency. This case study revolves around P-UX and their Cypien AI platform. P-UX is a technology company specializing in the development of customer-centric and customized APIs.

Cypien AI also harness the power of foundation models running on AWS SageMaker & EC2 for B2C & B2B applications, while their B2C Cypien AI app presenting chat-assistant & content-creator experience through their innovative approach, their B2B services help their customers to utilize these SoTA models for their workflow & business logic. What distinguishes them is their commitment to customization. They fine-tune these foundation models on SageMaker using various techniques, tailoring them to specific tasks and optimizing their performance. This approach offers a seamless and engaging user experience, meeting the diverse client needs. After experiencing the power of AWS and its services, they were willing to experience other services provided by AWS. P-UX is a Managed Services customer of LimonCloud.

Problem Statement

When P-UX contacted LimonCloud, the architecture for their Cypien AI project was already running on AWS. The AI-based software, processes large datasets and requires substantial computational resources. The existing architecture includes EC2 instances for initializing self-managed containers and manual scaling mechanisms, leading to challenges in both performance optimization and cost management. In addition to the architectural improvements, P-UX faced challenges in implementing effective DevOps practices. The absence of a streamlined DevOps workflow hindered their ability to deliver software updates promptly, collaborate efficiently, and maintain a reliable and scalable infrastructure.

P-UX contacted LimonCloud to make sure their environment met their needs and performance standards. LimonCloud agreed to design and gave consultancy for the environment of P-UX leveraging services such as; SageMaker Inference instances, AWS Managed Elastic Container Service, RDS for MariaDB, Amazon S3 for ML model training buckets and serving static content.

Machine Learning Practice for PU-X

• Following the conclusion of the analysis of current solution and planning the migration process according to P-UX’s business needs, LimonCloud drew and presented architectural drawings combined with its own experience, customer’s needs and best practices offered by AWS. Most important services pinpointed in the meetings were: SageMaker, ECS, S3 and RDS for MariaDB.
• P-UX modernized their applications using Docker technology and LimonCloud made these applications ECS-Ready. LimonCloud also developed CI/CD flow of websites using AWS CodeStar services.

• AWS SageMaker:
o P-UX integrated their AI model training and inference workflows with AWS Sagemaker to benefit from managed machine learning services.
o Utilized Sagemaker's automatic scaling capabilities to adjust resources based on workload demands, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods.
• Container Services:
o Migrate self-managed containers to AWS ECS for improved orchestration, scalability, and resource efficiency.
o Leverage AWS Fargate for serverless container management, eliminating the need for manual scaling and reducing operational overhead.
• Cost Optimization:
o Implement AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets for granular cost monitoring and forecasting.
o Utilize AWS Saving Plans and Reserved Instances to optimize compute costs without compromising performance.
• To address P-UX's DevOps challenges, LimonCloud’s Managed Services Agreement includes a tailored DevOps strategy to ensure seamless integration, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The key components of our DevOps services are as follows:
o Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):
 Implement robust CI/CD pipelines to automate the software development lifecycle.
 Leverage AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild to automate code compilation, testing, and deployment.
o Infrastructure as Code (IaC):
 Introduce Infrastructure as Code using Terraform to define and provision infrastructure resources.
 Version control infrastructure changes to enhance traceability and repeatability.
o Monitoring and Logging:
 Set up comprehensive monitoring using AWS CloudWatch to gain insights into application performance and resource utilization.
 Implement centralized logging with services like AWS CloudWatch Logs for enhanced troubleshooting and auditing.

Results and Benefits

By strategically implementing Amazon SageMaker, RDS and container services, AWS Advanced Tier partner LimonCloud successfully addressed P-UX's challenges related to performance and cost efficiency. The proposed solutions not only optimized the AI-based software's capabilities but also streamlined operations, positioning P-UX for future growth and innovation in the competitive AI software landscape. This case study highlights the value of a well-planned AWS cloud transformation strategy in achieving business objectives and staying at the forefront of technology advancements.

Within the needs and requests of P-UX, LimonCloud has managed all the process in technical side and provided the needed services in AWS ecosystem. P-UX is aware of high performance of the AWS end-user computing service.

• Accelerated Time-to-Market: Streamlined CI/CD pipelines reduce manual intervention, enabling faster and more reliable software releases.
• Amazon CloudWatch Alarms set up by LimonCloud provided a more agile environment.
• Improved Scalability: Automatic scaling provided by Amazon SageMaker ensures seamless scalability, handling varying workloads efficiently.
• Enhanced Performance: Leveraging SageMaker and AWS-managed containers enhances computational performance, enabling faster AI model training and inference.
• Cost Efficiency: AWS managed services and serverless architecture contribute to cost optimization, allowing P-UX to pay only for the resources used and eliminating unnecessary operational expenses.
• Streamlined Operations: Moving to managed services reduces manual intervention, streamlining operations and allowing the P-UX team to focus on software development rather than infrastructure management.

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