Executive Summary

S Sport Plus measures their success by the quality of service to their subscribers. As we all know that live broadcasting is a tough job and sometimes the website’s traffic come up at unpredictable dimensions, this very moment AWS solutions and examples made in the past provided us the ground to work on customer needs. LimonCloud implemented AWS solutions confidently that all requirements of S Sport Plus going to satisfy.

About S Sport Plus

Turkey’s first sports-only OTT video service S Sport Plus offers more than 300 hours of live streaming monthly along with various on-demand content. Users can watch internationally known premium sports organizations; Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, F1, NFL, NBA, UFC and many other sports events whenever they want and wherever they are on different devices.

Problem Statement

When LimonCloud sat on the table with S Sport Plus, they told to them “We have problems with local hosting companies, and they cannot meet our requirements. We want to try Cloud Solutions and we decided to use AWS”. LimonCloud stepped in at that point and showed them benefits of AWS. After that, S Sport Plus decided to migrate their system to AWS. One of the main problems was migrating the database, and RDS service was the best solution to meet requirements.

What LimonCloud Proposed

When SSport and LimonCloud sat together, the goals defined are splatted into three main bullets.
“Highly available infrastructure”, “Managed database solution” and “CI/CD”.

Amazon RDS Solution For Database

S Sport Plus was trying to define their problems with “Performance”, “Security”, Server Maintenance” issues. When LimonCloud got this feedback, they highly recommend RDS option. Because RDS met their customer dreams. AWS offers a solution options that will facilitate the work of customers from every sector. At this point, our aim was finding and adapting most optimal solution for our customers. S Sport Plus is using MySQL database engine. In this case, our customer used Beaver for connecting to RDS. Because their DB admins are experienced with that program. After LimonCloud implement the project, S Sport Plus performed the required performance and security tests and expressed their wishes to continue with AWS.

As you know that RDS is a fully managed database service provided by AWS, and it can support multiple database engines. If you do not configure your system High Available and If you don’t have any disaster recovery scenario, Point-in-time- Recovery might be a good place start.

S Sport Plus used only automated backups so far, because of the customer needs. But LimonCloud offered different scenarios, as well as Read Replicas (Cross- Region). All LimonCloud’s aim here was to explain the RTO and RPO to their customer and develop disaster recovery plan. Based on S Sport Plus’s scenario, they do not update data frequently on RDS, that’s why Daily Snapshot service covered their needs.

There are some key events for Disaster Recovery Testing.

Disruption of Operation: Testing system components and when one of them fail, what we need to
Technology Issues: Testing operating system, software glitches and when it fails, how long it takes for the system to get
Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes can affect Availability Zones and to get rid of these risks you can configure High Availability structures like multi-AZ
Unlikely Events: It is very important to be prepared for possible high traffic issues by configuring your structure scalable.
LimonCloud convey all the information about services what they use on AWS. In addition to supporting them, LimonCloud explains how those services can be used in customer LimonCloud always informs customers about licensing model of AWS. After this process, they will learn how to migrate their licenses and integrate them to AWS.

Customers are provided with details about the implemented database security related to their Amazon RDS. Majority of this process breaks down to three specific bullets:

Set a minimum password
Require specific character types, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters. Be sure to remind your users that passwords are case
Allow all IAM users to change their own


AWS provides many different services, there is always chance to improve your platform. In this case, LimonCloud designed this architecture with CloudFront, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, ElastiCache, RDS. These services had an unbelievable performance effect on S Sport Plus, so you can have too

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