Executive Summary

Sampa was developing a B2B E-Commerce platform called SampaConnect where they were planning to sell their manufactured products to their customers worldwide. They initially started to build the platform on most popular ERP e-commerce platform and serve their client but were facing very high costs and poor performance during development and production tests. At the same time sales performance of the platform start to went down and become an business issue. The CIO was looking to migrate the platform to Cloud to enhance performance all around the world and optimize costs.

About Sampa

SAMPA is a Turkish manufacturing company that takes pride in supplying spare parts compatible with European and American heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, and buses. With strong brand awareness and recognition, SAMPA exports its products to over 160 countries, representing both the company and the country. In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, SAMPA has an exceptional R&D center that enables them to develop high-quality products at minimum costs. Founded in 1994, SAMPA continues to innovate with patented designs and reverse engineering research. The company's manufacturing area, R&D center, and administrative building are located in the industrial zone of Samsun, Turkey.

Problem Statement

One of the challenges faced during the development process of SampaConnect was the high cost of proprietary licenses. This led to increased costs and budget constraints. Additionally, there was a need to quickly transition to a global infrastructure as local (On-prem) data center were unable to meet the requirements. There were also difficulties in managing the local infrastructure, and the highly transactional nature of the application made it challenging to find quick solutions, resulting in performance and efficiency issues. These challenges hindered the growth of SampaConnect and its ability to provide fast and reliable service to customers worldwide.

Migration and Modernization Practice of Sampa Automative

After a couple meeting LimonCloud offered them to leverage EKS that allows developers to focus on their applications instead of managing infrastructure. Kubernetes clusters up or down based on your application needs, without any downtime. Sampa had already experiences with Docker and Kubernetes technologies however, they needed to Partner focus for EKS deployments. At the same time, they started to use AWS CodeStar for Collaboration and Continuous Integration and Delivery.

On the other hand, LimonCloud recommended to implement Aurora Postgre, unfortunately Sampa had got used to Microsoft SQL databases. Current DB is RDS for MsSQL. They enhanced the market place with the AWS Elasticsearch that provides real-time search and analytics capabilities, allowing them to quickly and easily search and analyse data. They build caching mechanism with AWS Elasticache Redis that supports cluster mode, that allows them to distribute data across multiple shards, improving scalability and performance. All services are configurated as a multi AZ for high availability and durability except RDS MSSQL because of the licence cost.

Results and Benefits

LimonCloud provided ongoing support during the migration process and helped the customer optimize their AWS infrastructure for performance and cost. The end result was a highly available and scalable platform that could serve customers worldwide, with significantly improved performance and cost optimization compared to their previous ERP packaged solution.

•Reduction in IT costs: By leveraging open-source solutions and optimizing the AWS infrastructure, SampaConnect significantly reduced its operational costs. The %60 reduction in Sampa Connect IT Costs provided by the Sampa.
• Improved performance: The migration to AWS, along with the use of AWS services such as EKS, RDS, AWS Elasticsearch, and AWS Elasticache Redis, resulted in a substantial improvement in performance compared to the previous platform.
• Global scalability and accessibility: With the global infrastructure provided by AWS, SampaConnect was able to quickly access the regions where its operations were carried out. This enabled them to serve customers worldwide and achieve high availability. The user acquisition rate has increased fourfold with the new infrastructure.
• Faster CI/CD processes: Through the implementation of AWS CodeStar and the expertise of LimonCloud, SampaConnect achieved significant time savings in its CI/CD processes. This significantly reduced the time between deployment periods, making it almost daily.
• The revenue generated through SampaConnect has increased by approximately 100%.

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