Cost Optimization

Reduce your existing public cloud spend

Our cost optimization solution is a strategic consulting service aimed at reducing your current public cloud spending. It looks at cloud deployment, procedures, organizational structures, and governance models to see where there are opportunities for cost savings and improvements.

Key Benefits

Cloud Consulting Services
Cost efficiency

Cost optimization provides a rapid execution, cost-effective and high-value based innovative outcomes. Once you have done the suggestions that comes from LimonCloud, you can use you cloud account more cost effective.

Cloud Engineering Services
Payment Methods

Due to different payment methods, you can save up to 30% of your cloud consumption by identifying areas if you waste the services across hyper scalers.

Cloud Optimization Services

On the cloud ecosystem, you can find Expertise and guidance operationalizing cloud consumption and control mechanisms to optimize reoccurring costs. You can aware the consumption needing.

AWS Cloud Services

Cost optimization improves reportability for greater insight across your cloud estate. You can discover the consumption and understand what you pay for.

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Complex applications on A WS hosted on EKS /ECS
Cloud migrations
DevOps projects on AWS and Azure
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Case Studies

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S Sport Plus Case Studies

We have used highly available infrastructure feature of Amazon Web Services in S Sport Plus’s to improve their database and CI/CD process.

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Virasoft Case Studies

We have enhanced the environment of Virasoft with Amazon Relational Database Services.

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Panel Kırtasiye Case Studies

High Available Storage Solution in Panel Kırtasiye e-Commerce Platform

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