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Cloud adoption is the cornerstone of digital transformation.

It enables enterprises to transform into asset-light digital entities that focus on creating value and providing exceptional customer service. LimonCloud can get you there faster and safer, no matter where you are on your cloud journey or whatever path you follow.

The Cloud Migration method has been refined, making it rapid, efficient, and entirely scalable. We ensure that your apps are migration-ready by doing evaluations and sharing the results with you so that you may develop the clearest and most direct path to your desired state.

Allow our experienced cloud architects to design and implement a migration strategy so you can move your infrastructure to the cloud with ease. Our certified cloud architects can assist you in planning, designing, and implementing a migration strategy that is tailored to your organization's needs. We can migrate your infrastructure to the cloud in a seamless manner, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.


LimonCloud can assist you with your cloud migration goals in a variety of methods.
Cloud Consulting Services
Lift and Shift

The lift and shift approach is for organizations looking to get out of the data center and stop managing hardware. The same software that your organization utilized in the data center can now available in the cloud, thanks to Lift and Shift. The cloud applications have no learning curve because they operate in the same way as before. This is the quickest and least disruptive technique for moving apps to the cloud. It simply necessitates the participation of the infrastructure and security teams, leaving everyone else free to get on with their work. It's also the least expensive option up front. When you move an application to the cloud, it can handle peak performance without costing your organization anything.

Shift to SaaS
Shift to SaaS

Shift to SaaS method can save your time and trouble. Companies who wish to quit wasting time and resources on apps that aren't related to their core business might consider SaaS. It entails handing over control of one or more apps to a cloud services business that specializes in application management. Companies perform this application by application, shifting only the applications that are required. Static applications can remain on-premises. Employees may focus on core talents and the things that make a company unique and competitive by switching to SaaS. You'll need fewer licenses for business tools if you outsource applications to SaaS. When converting an application to SaaS, however, selecting the correct service is critical.

Application Refactoring
Application Refactoring

For businesses with unique applications that could benefit from the cloud, app modernization is the best option. Organizations can use refactoring to migrate their legacy apps to the cloud in their entirety. It's low-risk because legacy applications can run in parallel while new ones are built, providing immediate benefits like agility and speed to market. This method concentrates on the applications that gain the most from a cloud platform.


It provides to develop applications in the cloud. Replatforming is for companies looking to embrace benefits of the cloud, enterprise-wide. Assess how quickly your organization can change when considering replatforming. Then think about how fast it needs to evolve to keep up with customers and the market. Applications can be updated and pushed out at the pace of the cloud if they are made genuinely cloud native. This increases the pace with which all areas of the business can change. Applications that have been replatformed can also be built to be more modular, making them easier to maintain. Because modules of code from your first refactored application can be utilized to increase the capabilities of other applications, refactoring the program can save time in the long run.

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