Hybrid Cloud

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It's not a question of why, but when and how you should migrate to the cloud. Cloud promises enhanced speed, agility, and cost savings, but achieving full cloud benefit requires addressing complex issues such as data gravity, security, regulatory compliance, cost management, and organizational change.

Enterprise IT firms are rapidly moving to the cloud in the hopes of transforming their businesses. LimonCloud has noticed that hybrid cloud architecture is being used by businesses more than any other cloud architecture, whether private or public.

We offer high-value managed services to efficiently administer and support your Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud workloads with minimal customer interaction. Our rigorously vetted technologists have a range of experience and knowledge throughout the tech stack to keep your systems up and running and your teams productive.


Cloud Consulting Services
Digital experiencess

You can enhance your application by modernizing the architecture.

Cloud Engineering Services

You can accelerate the application by reducing the costs and make it more innovative.

Cloud Optimization Services
Agility, scale and resiliency

With the application modernization, your business application can become more agile, scale and resilience right now

AWS Cloud Services
High performance

By applying application modernization on any global cloud infrastructure, your application gets more performed and available globally.

Limon Cloud

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industry recognition.

Complex applications on A WS hosted on EKS /ECS
Cloud migrations
DevOps projects on AWS and Azure
Certified Cloud architects

Case Studies

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S Sport Plus Case Studies

We have used highly available infrastructure feature of Amazon Web Services in S Sport Plus’s to improve their database and CI/CD process.

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Virasoft Case Studies

We have enhanced the environment of Virasoft with Amazon Relational Database Services.

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Panel Kırtasiye Case Studies

High Available Storage Solution in Panel Kırtasiye e-Commerce Platform

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