Executive Summary

S Sport is a sport channel of the Saran Holding media, which broadcasts mainly on the D-Smart satellite platform. SSport+ wished to deliver sporting events to their audience in the highest quality and lowest latency. SSport+ was willing to work with LimonCloud given the expertise of its team members. After realizing the advantages of AWS for their business needs, SSport+ was eager to leverage services provided by AWS. In this article, you will find out the customer challenges and the benefits of moving your infrastructure to AWS environment.

About S Sport Plus

S Sport is owned by the Saran Holding and its CEO Sadettin Saran. Besides the main sporting events it also broadcasts famous club television channels such as Barça TV and Bayern TV. D-Smart broadcasts the program on channel 78 , KabloTV channel 240, Turkcell TV+ channel 77, TV channel 73. It is included in the sports or super packages of the digital platforms it is in and broadcasts encrypted only in HD image quality. The Saran Holding has the rights for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League broadcasting of Turkish teams.

Problem Statement

As a content streaming service, SSport+ needs to deliver its content to its audience in the highest quality, starting with audience acquisition.

Their biggest problem was that the content of SSport+ could not be delivered in the quality that the market desired, by meeting the high number of viewers during the competition broadcasts of world-famous leagues and tournaments. In addition, a data center investment to be made in the company would be very expensive and resources would have to be transferred for many years because of the monitoring and management.

As a leading company in the field of OTT in Turkey, Ssport+ turned to LimonCloud to make sure it met its standards and that of its audience. With the analysis, LimonCloud realized that the building has a monolithic architecture and the resources used during the broadcasts were insufficient.

Managed Service Practice of SSport Plus

• Frequently discussed topics in the meetings were high availability, flexibility, security, and business continuity. Taking these critical issues into consideration, LimonCloud has made and proposed architectural drawings in line with best practices offered by AWS. For SSport+’s case, microservice architecture was found to be the most suitable action for this application.

• Microservice architecture allowed SSport+ to keep their services running even if there is a bottleneck in one of their services. In return, this solution improved their business continuity and audience retention.

• The number of containers increases automatically with the alarm LimonCloud has set, depending on the increasing number of requests. It decreases again as the system requirements decrease.

• But the scalability and business continuity were not the only benefit SSport+ has seen. SSport+ opted to use AWS Fargate. AWS Fargate is a serverless compute service that removes the need to provision and manage Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud.

• CloudFront and S3 are used together to securely distribute SSport+’s static content. As for the EFS and an active ElastiCache system, they are running in another Availability Zone to provide high availability.


• High-definition content delivery greatly improved SSport+’s audience retention and numbers.

• Pay-as-you-go payment model reduced SSport+’s IT costs.

• Allowed SSport+ to focus on their business. SSport+ doesn’t have to deal with the management of IT infrastructure.

• Even a configuration operating with limited resources can reach the capacity to meet high traffic / requests in a short time. This flexibility enables Ssport+ to respond appropriately and cost-effectively to increase storage and performance according to their traffic.

• Gained access to skills and expertise to assist with cloud adoption at scale.

• Granted SSport+ to access innovative and creative technology for testing services.

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