Executive Summary

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc. was founded in 1970 and specialized mainly in engineering, manufacturing and construction of high-quality process and storage equipment. Tekfen Construction has high amounts of IT hardware due to having infrastructures across the world. Tekfen was willing to move their infrastructure to the cloud for benefits such as reducing the high hardware costs, spending less time on procurement to cut down their project completion time, and disaster recovery services. They started migration to AWS Cloud with LimonCloud Team guidance. After experiencing the power of AWS and its services, they wanted to experience other services providing by AWS. In this article, you will find out the customer challenges and benefits of the deployment to AWS infrastructure.

About Tekfen Construction

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., today a leading organization in challenging fields of contracting activities but also a studious environmentalist, traces its roots to an engineering consulting company established in 1956. An uncompromising dedication to global quality standards in its business conduct has underscored the company’s consistent growth and stability over six decades.

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., as an affiliate of Tekfen Holding Co., Inc., is a respectable signature as an international contractor with major accomplishments in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, Caucasia, Central Asia, East-Central Europe.

Problem Statement

With the challenges emerging from having construction sites in different countries, Tekfen also has environments positioned spread across the world. These infrastructures are in the rural areas, so they are inclined to get affected by disasters in these areas. In the first period when they built their systems, they worked with their own data centers and local hosting companies.

Each construction sites of Tekfen have its own on-premises IT infrastructure. Every new building site requires purchasing IT components such as servers, and networking equipment. An environment structured like this made management a very difficult task. In relation, an IT investment to be made in the company would be very expensive and resources would have to be transferred for many years because of the monitoring and management.

Tekfen wished to improve their reliability and availability by moving to the Cloud. Every time a disaster would occur in one of Tekfen’s building sites, the cost of repairing and purchasing new components would be expensive. AWS’ disaster recovery service which is AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Service was the perfect match for Tekfen’s increased reliance for IT infrastructure and migration to the cloud.

Tekfen reached out to LimonCloud to make sure their environment met their availability, regulations, and security standards. After the introductory meetings, LimonCloud explained the power and flexibility of the AWS Cloud and started to work on the migration and disaster recovery process for Tekfen’s systems.

Managed Service Practice of Tekfen Construction

• The most important issues that emerged in the meetings were high availability, flexibility, security, and business continuity. In line with these limits, LimonCloud has made and presented architectural drawings in light of its own experience and best practices offered by AWS. It has been understood that taking advantage of the Amazon Web Services would be the best suitable action for the customer.

• LimonCloud started to migrate Tekfen’s systems to AWS. Because of the possible disasters on their on-premises infrastructures positioned in building sites, valuable data were not secure. Tekfen wanted to optimize its costs and protect data by locating servers on AWS. This also helped their availability and business continuity needs.

• Deploying their servers to the AWS Cloud made Remote Management of their systems incredibly easier. This solution greatly reduced their ownership, logistics, maintenance costs, and made management access their servers with minimum delay.

• LimonCloud choose the Frankfurt region for the Elastic Disaster Recovery service and prepared public and private subnets to provide connectivity between building sites and AWS. In-use services are Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.

• LimonCloud choose the Bahrain region for the production environment for building sites because Bahrain has an optimum distance from building sites. This provides low latency. Established connection between Bahrain and Frankfurt region using AWS Transit Gateway. In-use services of Bahrain are Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon EBS and Elastic Load Balancer.

• Because Tekfen’s projects are distributed around the world, they couldn’t find the required hardware and infrastructure in some regions. LimonCloud positioned Tekfen’s servers in regions around the world using AWS backbone and connected every server to the center. The AWS backbone offers low latency, low packet loss, and high overall network quality.

• Also, LimonCloud has positioned AWS Fargate, which works in different Availability Zones, at the center of architecture for Tekfen's RPA application. AWS Fargate is a Compute Engine for Amazon ECS that eliminates the need to configure, manage, and scale EC2 instances. Horizontal growth is aimed with AutoScaling policies based on high request numbers. To achieve the goal, requests coming to the application pass through the Application Load Balancer.


Within the needs and requests Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc., LimonCloud has managed all the process in technical side and provided the needed services in AWS ecosystem. Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc. is cognizant of high performance of the AWS end-user computing service.

• Cloud computing provides unrivalled scalability through additional storage space, computing power and virtual resources whenever Tekfen’s applications or services need it. Because Tekfen only pays for the resources they need, they can scale up or scale down quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

• AWS Fargate service that was positioned by LimonCloud abstracts the underlying infrastructure, allowing Tekfen to focus on their business workloads, while AWS Fargate automatically manages the infrastructure to run them.

• Cloud recovery helps Tekfen’s IT environment to bounce back from natural disasters, cyber-attacks, ransomware, and other threats that can render all files useless in an instant. Just by minimizing the time needed to take workloads back online, it directly lowers the cost of a system failure.

• Reduced IT costs. Moving to cloud computing reduced the cost of managing and maintaining Tekfen’s IT systems.

• Access to innovative and creative technology for testing services.

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