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LimonCloud is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services. Even LimonCloud has been met with AWS in the recent years, it has perfectly engaged and created a promising path with AWS in the cloud journey. Over the years, LimonCloud has been selected as AWS Rising Star Partner in 2020. Additionally, LimonCloud has become AWS Relational Database Service Delivery Partner in 2021. Last but not least, we successfully maintain many different projects for small-mid businesses, start-ups and enterprise companies that we manage with AWS Team by improving our team in order to extent our knowledge.

LimonCloud also supports its customers with Managed Service Provider (MSP) Agreement in the ongoing projects. MSP Agreements include the server monitoring, cloud migration and deployment, cost optimization, application modernization, DevOps, infrastructure and architecture. At this point, LimonCloud Technical Team works with IT teams of the customers together in the projects, as a team member of the customer company.

Value Services

Cloud Migration &

LimonCloud can migrate any of your projects to the cloud environment from even on-premise, or another cloud provider platform. LimonCloud uses different strategies and planning according to the project and the sensitivity of the workloads. After the migration, the configuration could be improved with the correct and proper architecture by LimonCloud experienced team.


LimonCloud brings your innovative ideas and needs developing and maintaining software components together, in order to help your digital transformation in the cloud environment. DevOps service makes the business modernist and beneficial for the user experience while it automizes the operational workloads in the software development department. Experiences LimonCloud Team manages all DevOps process in your technological change.

Backup &
Disaster Recovery

Every company needs back up and disaster recovery plan. So that, the best solution could be provided by the global cloud provider services. If the business has been affected by the governmental regulations, please do not panic! LimonCloud can still help to keep the back up data in public cloud provider platforms.


LimonCloud Account Management Team can provide cost optimization service for the current consumption on AWS. Cost optimization focuses on strategic spending and reductions on AWS consumption in order to provide correct cost management.


If the business needs to run their applications in both on-premise and cloud provider platform, that is fine. LimonCloud could help the business needing hybrid cloud solutions with the correct architecture and planning. Besides of cloud ecosystem, hybrid cloud would also help the business combining on-premise data center with public or private cloud provider platforms.

Managed Services

LimonCloud manages and monitors the sensitive workloads of the business in the cloud ecosystem with the correct SLA programs. At this point, LimonCloud offers the customers managed services to maintain the workloads and operations running in the cloud environment.

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